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SS Refractories is one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Refractory Products.

Backed by a huge infrastructure and skilled workforce, we are well known for manufacturing world class products. Our refractory products include Tundish Boards and Acidic Ramming Mass.

Acidic Ramming Mass

Product Description

Acidic Ramming Mass is generally used in coreless induction Furnaces for melting scrap. The Acidic Ramming Mass is usually made by mixing Quartz of different particle size along with some binder chemicals. The Acidic Ramming Mass is used to melt all types of iron and steel. The better the quality of the Acidic Ramming Mass, the better is the performance of the furnace. Keeping in mind the different requirements of our customers, we manufacture different grades of Acidic Ramming Mass. We have two types of Acidic Ramming Mass such as Normal and Normal Premix.

Specialty of our Acidic Ramming Mass

        Resistant to abrasion and spalling
        Top quality
        Reasonably priced
        Available according to client’s requirement

Brief Description of Our Products:

Silica Ramming Mass is basically a product by mixing of different particle sizes of Quartz with some binder chemicals.

Acidic ramming mass, also known as Silica Ramming Mass or Mix, is used in coreless induction Furnaces, For Melting of Scrap. It is a dry lining refractory that can be used for melting all Types of Iron and Steel in mini steel plants as well as in foundries.

Quality of Acidic Ramming mass is directly affects the heating performance of the furnaces. Better quality of lining results in to the smooth working of furnaces, optimum output and better metallurgical control.

Various grades of Ramming Mass

Keeping in view the different needs as well as different types & grades of scrap or end products and several other factors, we produce different grades of Ramming Mass.


This is the widely used grade of silica ramming mix. Silica content is maintained in the range of 99.5 % to 99.9%. Furthermore, this is the highest grade available while performance remains the best in its category.

Normal Premix

This is the pre-mixed version. We mix boric acid as per the customer’s requirements to make it as tailor made, although most common in India is 1.2 %. Our Silica Ramming Mass products are high on purity. These are resistant to abrasion and spalling. They find their wide application in various industries. We bring superior quality acidic ramming mass manufactured with stringent norms under strict supervision of qualified and experienced work force.




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